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We are creatives, writers, and healers who help our friends and clients replenish their creative spirits and well-being. 

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We (Jane and Joy) met through Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver, where we teach creative writing. Jane’s a musician; Joy’s an author and poet. But we also share something else in common: Jane’s a private practice social worker, Joy’s background is in counseling and writing therapy. Two artsy therapists. The best kind of trouble.

We both like strong margaritas. Soaking in hot springs. Talking about music with our husbands, who get along famously. During happy hour one day, we discovered yet another connection: neither of us like women’s retreats. At all. Then Jane said, “Hey! Why don’t we create our own retreat—one we’d like to attend?”

That’s how Replenish was born. We soon added creative workshops and coaching to the mix, as well as yet another aspect: wellness—which came in the form of Gina, Joy’s longtime friend.

Gina’s an anthropologist and international expert on hydration; co-author of Quench and founder of the Hydration Foundation. She’s also a literary writer who nourishes creativity in others (check out her book The Art of Family: Rituals, Imagination, and Everyday Spirituality).

Well. Joy talked to Gina who talked to Jane. We clicked. In fact, a whole bunch of things we like clicked, so we folded them into Replenish:

Wellness. Creativity. Writing. Music. Wonderful food. Spirituality. Soul care. Fun. A green planet. Hydration. Water: hot springs, rivers, oceans. Hiking. Travel. Caring for others. Giving back to our communities.

Replenish offers in-person and online retreats; creativity, writing, and wellness workshops and coaching.


Come be replenished.